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Eliminate Those Pesky Spider Veins

If you’re one of the millions of Americans who suffer from spider veins, you know how annoying they can be. These small, irritated veins can crop up anywhere on the body but are most commonly found on the legs and face. While they may not harm your health, they can be unsightly and make you feel self-conscious. If you’re looking for a way to get rid of spider veins, laser vein treatment may be right for you.

Laser Vein Treatment Treats:

  • Spider veins
  • Broken capillaries
  • Rosacea
  • Port wine stains
  • Other vascular lesions

What is Laser Vein Treatment?

Laser vein treatment is a non-invasive approach to eliminating spider veins and other superficial vascular blemishes. Similar to a laser hair removal procedure, the laser energy selectively targets and heats the blood vessels while leaving the surrounding tissues unharmed. This results in the vessels being destroyed, and over time, the spider veins and other blemishes fade away. We use cutting-edge laser technologies that ensure safe results without damaging your skin.

How Laser Vein Treatment Works

Spider veins and other vascular lesions occur because of damaged veins or capillaries that appear on the skin’s surface. Laser vein treatment involves channeling highly-calibrated wavelengths of laser energy absorbed by the pigment in the blood vessels. The laser energy destroys the damaged blood vessels and turns them into hardened scar tissues, eventually reabsorbed and metabolized by the body.

Benefits of Laser Vein Treatment:

  • Non-invasive treatment
  • No incisions, injections, or chemicals involved
  • Minimal discomfort during the treatment
  • No harsh side effects or complications
  • Remove unwanted vascular lesions from the skin
  • Improve skin tone and texture
  • No post-treatment downtime

Laser Vein Treatment FAQs

What happens during laser vein treatment?

During your laser vein treatment, the medical provider will cleanse the treatment area and apply a numbing gel to ensure comfort. The appropriate wavelengths of light energy are delivered to your skin via a handheld device. The sensation is similar to a rubber band snapping against your skin. The entire treatment concludes within 30 minutes.

What are the side effects of laser vein treatment?

The side effects of laser vein treatment are usually minimal. Some people may experience bruising, swelling, or redness around the treatment site. These side effects usually resolve within a few days.

Is there any downtime after laser vein treatment?

There is no downtime after laser vein treatment. You can resume all your normal activities immediately, but you should avoid heavy lifting, strenuous workouts, and direct sunlight.

When will I see the results of laser vein treatment?

You will typically see the results of laser vein treatment within a few weeks. The targeted spider veins and vascular lesions will gradually fade from your skin’s surface.

How many laser vein treatments do I need?

Most people require 2-3 treatments to achieve desired results. The results will gradually improve after each laser vein treatment session.

Is laser vein treatment permanent?

Laser vein treatment is permanent. Once removed, the broken capillaries and blood vessels can’t return. But you can still develop new spider veins, for which you may need additional laser vein treatments.

Why Choose Apex Health & Wellness?

Apex Health & Wellness is a boutique medical spa specializing in aesthetic wellness. Our medical providers take the time to understand your goals, discuss your symptoms and concerns, and curate personalized treatment plans. We offer a safe zone where you can discuss cosmetic concerns without fear of judgment. Please schedule an appointment to explore your laser vein treatment options in Medford, OR.

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