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Prevention, Better Than Cure

When it comes to your health, preventing diseases and illnesses is always better than treating health conditions after the fact. That’s why preventative care is so important. By taking care of our bodies and catching potential problems early, we can avoid a lot of pain, suffering, and expense down the road. We offer comprehensive preventative care services to help you remain healthy, including screenings for diabetes, high blood pressure, and cholesterol and disease prevention services.

What is Preventative Care?

Preventative care refers to any medical service that aims to prevent disease or detect diseases at the earliest and most treatable stages. The goal of preventative care is to prevent illness or injury before it occurs, so you can lead a healthy and disease-free life. Preventative care can include a range of different services, such as vaccinations, screenings, and counseling on lifestyle changes that can help to improve health.

Our Preventative Care Services

We offer comprehensive preventative care services. But the type of preventative care you receive depends on your age, health care goals, underlying conditions, medical history, and other factors. Our medical providers perform a thorough evaluation, following which they may recommend physical examinations/screenings, vaccinations, sickness care, and chronic illness management services.

Physical Examinations

Physical examinations and screenings are important for catching problems early on. By catching problems early, you can often avoid more serious health complications down the road. Our team can also monitor your health on an annual basis to track changes in your health that signal a cause for concern.


Vaccinations are necessary to prevent serious illnesses, such as the flu or chickenpox. Our team at Apex Health & Wellness will help coordinate your treatment within our network of providers, so any vaccinations needed will be administered in a timely fashion.

Sickness Care

Sickness care is also important in prevention. This can include things like getting rest, staying hydrated, and taking care of yourself when you are sick. If you’re suffering from a general illness or injury, such as a cold, seasonal allergy, or fever, our medical providers offer over-the-counter medications and advice to manage the symptoms and recover quickly.

Chronic Illness Care

Chronic illness management is another important aspect of preventative care. If you’re suffering from chronic illnesses, such as diabetes and high blood pressure, we can help you manage the symptoms and prevent other associated complications.

Why Choose Apex Health & Wellness?

Apex Health & Wellness is a primary care facility specializing in disease prevention and screening. We are committed to helping you lead a healthy life, and that starts with preventative care. Active preventative measures, such as lifestyle changes, vaccinations, medications, medical weight loss plans, and diet changes, can dramatically improve your quality of life and help you ward off illnesses. Our medical providers support you and help you remain healthy. Please schedule an appointment to initiate your preventative care journey in Medford, OR.

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