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Importance of Annual Exams for Children

Annual exams and health checkups are important because they ensure that your child is growing and developing properly. They also allow us to check for potential health concerns and provide guidance on keeping your child healthy. We offer comprehensive physical examinations and health checkups for children of all ages to ensure they grow and develop correctly.

The development and growth of a child is an incredibly fast-paced process. We notice significant changes in sensory perceptions, joint development, muscle and tissue growth, and other aspects of their physical and emotional health from one year to the next. To ensure your children grow healthily without unwanted health concerns, you must opt for annual exams and health checkups.

Your Role in Your Child’s Health

Parents must play an active role in the health and long-term wellness of their children, especially in the early years. You must inculcate positive habits that will help your children thrive. Your children must receive enough exercise regularly, follow good nutritional habits, undergo proper socialization, and be encouraged to learn and explore. We can also offer guidance to parents to ensure their children remain healthy.

Thorough Consultations & Discussions

At the appointment, your child will be weighed and measured. The medical provider will also check their vision, hearing, and development. The medical provider will also ask about your child’s health in general, including their eating habits, energy level, and any concerns you may have. This is also a good time to ask questions about your child’s health.

Your child may also have some laboratory tests done at their annual exam or health checkup. These tests can check for anemia, high cholesterol, diabetes, reflexes, cognitive problems, nutritional deficiencies, dental problems, and other conditions. If your child is suffering from common pediatric issues, such as urinary tract infections or sore throats, we investigate and treat the root cause of the problems.

Why Choose Apex Health & Wellness?

Apex Health & Wellness is a boutique primary care facility dedicated to ensuring optimal wellness for everyone. Our board-certified nurse practitioners and medical providers offer thorough consultations to understand the root cause of your children’s concerns and help them lead healthy lives. Please schedule an appointment for annual exams for your children.

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