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Types of Wrinkle Relaxers

Although there are many wrinkle relaxers in Medford available today, in general, a wrinkle relaxer is an injectable treatment of a purified protein, normally a botulinum toxin. Relaxers work by temporarily interrupting nerve signal transmission to the targeted muscles that create harsh expression lines. This relaxes the underlying muscle and helps prevent it from forming so-called “dynamic wrinkles.”

By undergoing regular treatments with products like Botox, the skin cells in the target area can eventually regain their thickness and become smoother. Even more established creases can soften dramatically over time.


Botox is a purified liquid toxin that is carefully produced in a medical facility. In addition to relaxing wrinkles, Botox is increasingly used to help medical problems like hyperhidrosis (uncontrollable sweating) and migraine headaches.


Jeuveau is similar to Botox in a number of ways, including the patient treatment experience, treatment length, product safety and cost. Although both Jeuveau and Botox have the same active ingredients, the formulation is different. Jeuveau is only approved for cosmetic purposes. If you are looking for therapeutic benefits, speak to your provider about Botox.


Dysport is a more recent arrival to the wrinkle relaxer in Medford scene. Although it has the same active ingredient as Botox, Dysport is more diluted. This means that it spreads faster than Botox and is more suitable for larger areas like the so-called “11 lines” and forehead lines.


As with the other wrinkle relaxers in Medford, Xeomin shares the same active ingredient with Botox. The main difference between the two products comes down to ingredients. Botox has additional proteins included, while Xeomin only has the botulinum toxin itself. Some people believe that regular injections of normal botulinum toxin can cause antibody resistance. So Xeomin helps to relieve the concerns of these patients. Xeomin is a more purified product and is thought by some to be safer. Some providers also find that Xeomin lasts longer and works faster than Botox.

What kind of results can I expect from wrinkle relaxers?

You should begin noticing the effects of your wrinkle relaxer treatment within the first few days. Results typically last for three or four months before waning. At that point, you should return for a touch-up treatment so that your results are maintained.

It is important to realize that wrinkle relaxers do not fill in wrinkles. Dermal fillers are used for that purpose. Instead, relaxers treat the underlying cause of certain types of wrinkles by limiting the activity of treated facial muscles.

To learn which wrinkle relaxer in Medford is right for you and your individual needs, please contact Apex Health & Wellness today to request additional information or to schedule a wrinkle relaxer consultation.

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